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The Waiting List

The Rocket City Customs Waiting List
Updated as of 2/26/23

1. This list is updated periodically based upon submissions in the form below.
2. Your location on this list is approximate and is not your exact spot in line.
3. Many factors such as
the type of work being performed can affect which vehicle is next to be taken in.

UPDATE (2/26/23): The list has been updated. Finding quality personnel has been a challenge in some areas and delayed projects. Projects requiring fabrication and/or mechanic work can be gotten to quicker than other projects.  
Join the Waiting List
  1. Please ONLY make a submission to join the waiting list if you are absolutely certain you want Rocket City Customs to perform work on your vehicle.

  2. If you have not spoken (or emailed) with Lance (the owner) about your project please DO NOT make a submission to join the waiting list.

  3. If you are still considering other shops please DO NOT make a submission to join the waiting list.

  4. Only your first name and last initial, vehicle, and service needed will be displayed on the waiting list.

  5. There is no accurate timeframe represented by the list. Each vehicle currently on the list could be at the shop for a week or several months.


Thanks for submitting!

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