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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you give me an estimate to repair my car? - In general, the answer is no. Working on classic cars is complicated and the amount of work or parts necessary to repair a car correctly cannot be accurately known until the car or parts are inspected, disassembled, and/or assessed. Other factors such as locating parts (if possible) and/or addressing prior unknown related issues and/or incorrect repairs make giving an accurate estimate impossible.

  2. So how does the process work then? - You will need to call the shop at 256-715-0502 and schedule to bring the car in and discuss with Lance (the owner) the issues you are having or would like corrected. You will then be asked to leave the car for a period of a few days so that it can be inspected and assessed and an accurate Not to Exceed (NTE) budget can be developed.

  3. How does a Not to Exceed (NTE) budget work? - In general, a NTE budget is a dollar amount limit on labor, parts, and materials that is placed on Rocket City Customs (RCC) to perform the work on your project. RCC will not exceed that budget without written authorization from you, the customer. Lance (the owner) will work with you to develop this budget to accomplish the goals you have for your project before work will begin.

  4. How much do you charge for labor? - All labor is billed by the hour. RCC's current labor rate is $85 per hour. If it takes 3 hours to perform the work you will be billed for 3 hours. If we think it will take 3 hours to perform the work and it only took 30 minutes then you will be billed for 30 minutes. In addition, any time spent searching for, ordering, receiving, and or picking up parts will also be billed by the hour.

  5. How do you charge for parts? - All parts costs will be passed directly to the customer. There will be no additional markup to the retail cost of parts (tax and shipping & handling included) purchased by RCC to complete the work on your project.

  6. How do you charge for materials? - In general, materials are consumable materials used by the shop to complete your project. Some examples would be sanding or grinding discs, sand paper, paint, masking tape or paper, cleaners, etc. If materials are needed to complete your specific project you may be charged for them at cost.

  7. Should I order my own parts and bring them in? - You should discuss this with Lance (the owner). In general, it is not recommended for customers to order their own parts as this could cause delays and costs increases when the wrong parts are ordered for your application, have to be shipped back, and re-ordered. You should rely on the extensive knowledge and experience of Rocket City Customs to find and acquire your parts efficiently saving you time and money in the long run. After all, we do this on vehicles like yours every day.

  8. Will I have to pay a deposit? - Depending on your project, RCC may require a deposit in order to purchase certain parts or materials for your project. In general, deposits for labor are not required.

  9. How will I be billed? - For small projects RCC will send you an invoice when the work is complete. For larger, more time consuming projects, RCC will periodically send out invoices to your email or physical address. This is usually after 20 hrs of labor have been completed. Payment is expected within 10 business days. If RCC does not receive payment within 10 business days, a "Stop Work" may be issued for your project. Any outstanding balances may be charged a fee of 10% per month after 30 calendar days.

  10. If something comes up can I stop work on my car, pay for work completed and pick it up? - With reasonable notice, work can be stopped at any time. Upon paying any remaining invoices, the car can be picked up. Vehicles left at the shop for more than 30 calendar days after  work is completed or a "Stop Work" has been issued by the customer may be charged a storage fee of $20 per day.

For more details, please read our Work Authorization Agreement below.

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