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Truck Cab Fabrication

With the unavailability of reproduction truck cabs, Rocket City Customs is now fabricating truck cabs available for purchase.


We fabricate a brand new truck cab fully assembled with doors mounted and gapped. We assemble these cabs using name brand panels and parts. All fabrication is performed by our fabrication shop at Rocket City Customs in Huntsville, AL. 


The cab panels will be EDM coated (as purchased) except where welding occurs. Weld-thru primer is used between panels when welded together. 


Delivery (freight) can be arranged upon completion. 

Please allow 4-8 weeks for fabrication. 

Purchase and delivery is subject to availability of panels.

Other cabs may be available. 

Feel free to call the shop or inquire via email.


1949 - 1955 (early) Chevrolet 3100 Truck Cab - $12,500

1955 (late) - 1957 Chevrolet 3100 Truck Cab - $13,000

1967 - 1972 Chevrolet 3100 Truck Cab - $13,500

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